Phil Milligan is the newest member of our Sales Team. He stepped into his new role two weeks before Earl Breen retired on March 28th, which gave him a chance to train with Earl. Phil has been with us in various positions for the past 10 years learning the business. He has excelled at every one of his roles here at our plant in Charlotte MI.


Phil grew up just down the road, about 10 miles, from us, in Eaton Rapids, MI (we’re glad he wondered over our way).


As a child, his most favorite memory is spending time on his grandparent’s farm. When asked what he would do while visiting the farm, Phil replied, “I would work!”, helping out with the cattle and crops. It’s no wonder that years later, the one word his friends use to describe him is ‘ambitious’.


Phil met Teia in 2000. His first impression of her was ‘beautiful!’. When asked about her first impression of him, he says, “Well, she’s stuck with me all this time, so she must have had a good first impression of me.” Phil and Teia have two boys, Tyler, who is 8, and Garrett, who is 2.


In talking with Phil, we noticed a common thread linking Phil’s favorite class in school with his new role here at Johnson Lumber. His most memorable teacher is Mr. Fox. While Phil feels he taught a subject matter that was boring, Government, Mr. Fox made it interesting with an unorthodoxed way of bringing out class participation. Fast forward to 2014, and in his new postion with us, Phil looks most forward to the increase in customer interaction.


Phil uses his spare time to play more with his boys, attend sporting events, “Go Wolverines!” he chimes in, and woodworking, but not nearly enough time to do as much as he would like.


Congratulations, Phil, welcome to our Sales Team!




Spending his childhood on a farm with eight siblings, Joe Shumaker learned first hand how a strong will, honesty, and hard work will reward you. Joe’s father, Fred Shumaker, worked for L.L. Johnson Lumber Mfg. Company during the day and farmed evenings and weekends.

Joe first came to Johnson Lumber in 1977, and developed a real talent for repairing electro-mechanical systems. Today, he is head of plant maintenance. If you ask any of our managers, Joe is one of the most honest, hard working guys you’ll find. He consistently goes above and beyond to make sure everyone receives the best service possible.

While Joe realizes we don’t dock employees for mistakes, Joe has always held himself to a very high personal standard. Working on a project one day, Joe made, what he felt was, a careless mistake. Walking over to the time clock, Joe punched out. However he wasn’t walking off the job. Joe returned to the project and fixed the mistake. Once he had the project back on track, Joe went back to the time clock and punched in before continuing on to finish the project.

Joe makes very few mistakes and it is a real comfort to us to know things will run smoothly with him on the job. Some of you may have had the opportunity to meet Joe. On top of plant maintenance he can be found driving one of our trucks as a back up delivery driver. On several occasions Joe has made a full day’s delivery run and come back to the plant to find a truck or machine in need of repair. Joe diligently makes sure everything is in working order before he leaves for the day.


He has also been called into work in the middle of the night to resolve emergencies. This may sound as if Joe doesn’t have a life outside of work, but somehow he manages to be very active in our community and his church. We’d like to give Joe a big shout out: Thank you Joe, we greatly appreciate what you have done here for LLJ!





The year was 1983. Microsoft Word was first released, and McDonalds introduced the McNugget. As colossal as those events were, 1983 is special to Johnson’s Workbench as the year Jean Reid began her employment with us.

Jean and her husband Tom made their home where the Buffalo roam. And where the Deer (but not Antelope) play. They raise Buffalo on their farm in nearby Nashville MI. Their current herd ranges around 24 head with two new calves born this past year. With their daughter Paula, son Scott, daughter-in-law Julie, and three grandkids, Andrew, Matthew, and Anna, Jean’s life is very full.

Jean first came to Johnson’s Workbench as a Sales Clerk and then Assistant Manager for our Charlotte store. Through her accuracy and attention to detail Jean’s responsibilities have steadily grown. Today, her role has expanded to include Purchasing and Receiving, Accounts Payable, and Inventory Management…covering all three store locations, Charlotte MI, Grand Rapids MI, and South Bend IN.

While Jean’s office is located in Charlotte, many of you may have personally met her as she can sometimes be found working at any one of our three store locations, especially during our Woodworking Shows and around inventory time. As well, Jean helps out in the booths at the many trade shows and displays we participate in each year.

In addition to her work and time with her family, Jean also enjoys dancing, and gardening. Each spring you will find her tending to the flower beds and plantings adorning our Workbench and main offices there. We want to give a big shout-out to Jean. Congratulations Jean on 29 years of loyal service. We have hopes for many more.





I think many Americans were spending the long Labor Day weekend working around their yards and relaxing with family and friends. But not 63-year-old, semi-retired Ron Campeau, a valued employee of ours.

An accomplished cyclist, Ron has participated in the Dick Allen Lansing to Mackinaw (DALMAC) bicycle tour for more than 15 years. This grueling 5-day 330 mile bicycle ride from Lansing MI to the Mackinaw Bridge requires riding distances between 50-100 miles a day. Ron has enjoyed the trip every Labor Day, the past few years, riding with his son Mike on the tour.

Ron and his wife Betty live just outside of Charlotte in the small town of Vermontville. Their two boys, Mike and Jeff, both married now, have blessed Ron and Betty with eight grandchildren. Mike and Jeff still live in the area so Ron gets to spend a lot of time with his greatest love and joy, his family.

Ron, a Veteran of the Navy and Naval Reserves, spent the majority of his life working in Lansing MI for the Board of Water and Light. After retiring from there Ron looked back to one of his other passions construction and woodworking. He worked as a licensed contractor for years and still maintains his license to this today. Many of you who have visited one of our retail stores probably have met Ron. A long time customer of L.L. Johnson Lumber and Johnson’s Workbench, Ron expressed a strong interest in coming to work for the company. So in 1997 he was hired on full time as an assistant manager of our Charlotte store. In 2001 Ron became Manager of our Charlotte location. Five years later, he decided to cut back on his role and responsibilities’ here at LLJ and take more time for himself and his family.


Once again, Ron entered into semi-retirement working part-time at our Charlotte store and helping out at either of our other two locations during our wood shows and busy times. Thank you Ron for all you do at LL Johnson.





Brian McIntyre is our first shift Yard Foreman. Twenty-nine years ago he was hired by Ted Johnson as a Boiler Operator. The two boilers we still operate today are horizontal return fire-tube boilers. They are quite rare. Our annual inspector comments there are none left like these he is aware of. Brian ran the boilers back when all we had were manual adjustments for fuel feed, firebox air, and draft controls. It was a much more physical job than today but still takes considerable training and skill to operate.


Our Boiler Operators also have security and janitorial responsibilities of which Brian approached those tasks with his trademark refreshing attitude, “that’s no big deal, I can do that, no problem!”. He moved on from boiler duties to the lumber yard driving one of our 20,000 pound capacity forklifts responsible for loading outgoing lumber trucks, unloading incoming lumber trucks, loading and unloading our dry kilns….the list goes on and on.


As our first shift Yard Foreman, Brian is responsible for everything going on outside of our Charlotte Office. His job is very demanding and requires him to shift gears daily, stay aware of the truck loads of lumber arriving, all the lumber orders being pulled and machined for shipment, not to mention keeping our Yard and Shop staff productive. Brian is on call 24/7 but finds ways to make sure things get done even in his absence.


Brian and his Wife, Teresa, live near Bellevue, Michigan where they raised two sons and a daughter who make it back home to visit occasionally. Brian enjoys tinkering with his tractors, attending farm auctions, and fishing. It’s been a pleasure “growing up” with Brian at LLJ.





With almost 22 years in hardwood manufacturing and inspection, Dan Lampman is loaded with experience. Drawing on his many skills to fulfill orders, Dan ensures the best value for customers.

In November 1987, he started in our lumber yard piling lumber. Soon after he moved to forklift operation, then sawmill edger, sawmill trimmer, sawmill lumber inspector, and dry kiln operator, to now pulling lumber orders for shipments and assisting walk-in customers.


The NHLA certifies inspectors quarterly, their requirement being within 4% valuation of the NHLA Inspectors’ valuation. Once, Dan had the opportunity to ‘evaluate’ current NHLA Chief Inspector, Mark Horne, determining he was less than 1% off from Dan’s valuation. We’re as proud of this as I’m sure Dan is.


Dan also spent considerable time in researching and evaluating pin-less moisture meters. Running over 1,000 samples, he compared pin-less moisture meter readings with oven dry results to verify accuracy of the new pin-less meters on the market today.


Living in Charlotte, Dan has five children, Mikaela, Erika, Dominik, Casie, and Derek. We’re grateful to have Dan on our team.





A few years ago, everyone associated with L.L. Johnson Lumber Mfg. Co. during our 100 year history was recognized when the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce awarded the company with their highest honor -- the President’s Award, for the impact the company and its employees have had on the community.


Company owners Mark and Tim Johnson firmly believe that the company wouldn’t have gotten where it is today without the hard work and loyalty of generations of employee families who have worked at the L.L. Johnson Lumber Mfg. Co. over the years.



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