september 9 & 10, 2016

Wood Expo 2016 will be on, Friday, September 9, 2016, 9:00am to 5:00pm and Saturday, September 10, 2016, 9:00am to 4:00pm. at our Charlotte MI location.FREE parking and FREE admittance.


Please send us an email and let us know what topics and classes you would like to see at our show this year. Or if you would like to be a presenter or give a class on your area of woodworking expertise.

What topics and classes would you like to see at our 2016 show?
Send us an email and let us know!


CHARLOTE MI LOCATION, WAS HELD ON FRIDAY, SEPT. 11 AND SATURDAY, SEPT. 12, 2015. Woodworkers spent two days of sharing techniques and discussing new technologies with industry experts like Scott Phillips, host of The American Woodshop on PBS, Ernie Schuette of Mid-Michigan Woodworkers Guild, John Wilson, contributor to Fine Woodworking, and Popular Woodworking magazines, and Zachary Dillinger, whose work has been on display at the Detroit Institute of the Arts, and on the cover of Popular Woodworking.

scott phillips' seminar

Scott covered the following topics:

band saw tune-ups, tips and project

new tool reviews

hand tool tips (Scott Phillips with John Wilson)

sharpening planes & chisels

veneer tips


tablesaw tune-ups for professional results

ernie schuette's classes

Ernie covered the following topics:

turn a wood bowl with sharp tool

Demonstration with open Question and Answer session.

angles & grinds

How to sharpen and use your tools.One kind of tool can have several angles and grinds. Why? This demo will show why and how you might grind a tool several different ways. The surface of the wood will tell the story.

put a finish on your turning

Demonstration with Question and Answer session.

zachary dillinger's classes

read our interview with zachary

Zachary covered the following topics:

before the router table

Showcase how artisans use to do things that router tables do for us today. Mouldings, rabbets, dados (by saw and by dado planes), plus quick show-and-tell of tools found in the tool chest of 'ye ole artisans.

hand-cut dovetails

Techniques, tips and tricks to cut woodworders' signature joint, the dovetail. See how to hand-cut this joint for drawer boxes, and casework alike, with both through and half blind tails shown. See how modern dovetails are cut as well as how 18th century artisans did it. Bring questions about how to improve your joinery.

bench plane basics

A 'how-to' on using hand planesi in your shop. See a selection of 18, 19, and 20th century and modern hand planes. Learn to properly set up, use, and store your hand planes. Bring your own 'problem child' hand plane and Zachary will assist you in problem solving to get it working properly again.

john wilson's classes

John gave the following classes:

seminar on shaker boxes

How-to Demonstration. Location: Main Tent.

make an oval shaker box

Hands-on class. Location: Class room.

hand-cut dovetailing

With hand tools.Hands-on class. Location: Class room.

make a carving & layout knife

Hands-on class. Location: Classroom.




carving & whittling classes


with the red Cedar River Woodcarvers guild

Members of the Red Cedar River Woodcarvers Guild will be teaching you how to carve.

relief carving

with fred erbisch. pre-register by calling 800-292-5937

Greater Lansing Woodcarvers' own Fred Erbisch will provide materials, equipment and instruction on basic techniques and safety tips of Relief Carving. Choose 1 of three carving designs

whittling 101

with fred erbisch

Whittling is a great pastime as well as a cheap and very accessible hobby to take up. Fred, a member of the Greater Lansing Woodcarvers Guild will provide materials, equipmemt and instruction on beginning whittling techniques and safety tips. Participants under 18 need parental supervision.



intarsia: steps & tips

basic steps of intarsia

with author kathy wise

In this 30 minute session, Kathy will cover steps to create Intarsia from beginning to end.

intarsia art murals

with author kathy wise

In this 30 minute session, Kathy will give a presentation of her large Intarsia commission mural artwork.

intarsia tips

with author kathy wise

In this 30 minute session, Kathy will cover several easy shortcuts and tips for gluing and shaping your Intarsia pieces.

boat building


with allen deming of mackinaw watercraft

TIME, TOOLS & TALENT REQUIRED. Allen will give a 40 minute multi-media presentation exploring the skills, commitment and facilities required to build a modern wood/composite boat. Both cedar strip-built and stitch & glue methods will be covered. Handouts providing contact information for reliable companies offering books, plans, kits and supplies will be given to participants.



with bob strobel of greater lansing woodcarvers' guild

Whether it's to embelish your woodwork, add style to your funiture or create beautiful pieces of artwork, everything from the different burning tools, woods to use, prepping the wood, making a pattern, transferring a pattern, burning techniques (shading, hair and fur, lights and darks) and finishing your work is covered. You will leave with basic knowledge to get started creating beautiful pieces.

period furniture


with keith mengel

Keith Mengel will discuss decorative elements such as Rope Carving and Gadroon in 18th Century Furniture. Includes question and answer session.

bandsaw techniques


with ken jackson of ken's woodcraft


decking basics

decking choices made simple

with bob smith of thompson mahagony

Learn about different types of decking available, fastening systems available, finishing application and more.

lumber grading


with barry kibbey

NHLA National Inspector, BARRY KIBBEY, will discuss how and why the lumber you buy has different grades (Sel&Btr, #1 Com, etc) and how Lumber is graded based on the NHLA standards.

michigan forest association

are you a land owner with forest land?


Michigan Forest Association promotes the wise use and stewardship of forest resources and provides quality technical assistance to forest owners. Experts on forest land management will be on hand to answer any of your questions.

saturday fun stuff for kids

soap carving for kids 3+


Larry Cummings is a member of the Red Cedar River Woodcarvers Guild in Haslett MI. He will have all the materials needed for kids 3 and up to learn how to carve soap with popsicle sticks.


MAKE A DERBY CAR for kids 3+

with mid-michigan woodworkers guild

All the pieces and parts will be on-hand for kids 3 years and up to assemble their very own wooden derby car, learning to use the proper tools for the job.

relief carving for kids 6+

saturday: 12:00-1:30 - with fred erbisch - preregistration necessary - parent must be present

Greater Lansing Woodcarvers' Fred Erbisch will provide materials, equipment and instruction on the basic carving techniques and safety tips. Child may choose 1 of a couple designs. Parental supervisor must be present with child.

turn a pen for kids 8+

with ray hoke - parent must be present

What a great way to introduce woodworking to your child. In addition to learning the necessary safety tips, they will start with a pen blank, and end up with a nicely finished, eye-catching assembled pen. Cost: $10 for materials.



Some of the biggest names and top talent in the industry are anxious to meet with you to share new skill building techniques and new industry innovations.

“I am proud of the Expo’s on-going growth within the woodworking community, and pleased that we continue to attract industry big names. Our Wood Expo celebrates the best in woodworking and is a chance for industry giants and our customers to have direct access to each other to share best practices, new innovations and the latest in technology.” -- Tim Johnson.



Spend quality time with top talent in the industry, such as Scott Phillips host of long running The American Woodshop on PBS, award-winning Zachary Dillinger, local favorite Ernie Schuette, and John Wilson master craftsman of Shaker Box construction and contributor to Fine Woodworking and Popular Woodworking magazines. Representatives demonstrating equipment from industry big names such as General International, Jet & Powermatic, Kreg, and others…


Wood Expo also showcases a vibrant and diverse slate of woodworking disciplines providing attendees with a chance to meet and interact with some superbly talented craftsmen commited to the spirit, quality, and originality that is the essence of the woodworking craft.



On state-of-the-art tool and equipment upgrades for a more gratifying shop that works harder for you.

On Expo Lumber Packs carefully selected with you in mind -- specially priced and packaged in convenient “Take-With-You” sizes. On Custom Lumber selections with extra discounts.




featured presenter

zachary dillinger

Q: How long have you been woodworking?
A: I've been woodworking in one form or another for more than 20 years.
Q: What was your very first woodworking experience?
A: I remember helping my grandfather Jim Effner (former technical editor and writer for FDM Magazine) in his shop as a young child. I graduated to making simple models and machines out of wood before moving on to furniture in my early 20s.
Q: What were a few of your early money-making woodworking projects?
A: My first for-pay projects were machine made copies of classic Arts and Crafts pieces, including a couple of beds and a short run of tabourette tables. I quickly lost interest in the use of machinery and in the A&C style and drifted towards hand-built 18th century reproductions.
Q: What do you get from woodworking? Why do you love working with wood?
A: I love working with wood because every day is a different story. Each piece of wood is unique and, no matter how many times you've built a similar piece, there is always a new problem to solve. Plus, as an ardent student of history, I love studying original pieces and figuring out how our ancestors achieved so much with such simple tooling.
Q: Have you contributed articles to publications like your Grandfather?
A: I have written for Popular Woodworking Magazine (look for my latest article in the October 2015 issue), Fine Woodworking Magazine, American Period Furniture (the jounal of the Society of American Period Furniture Makers), and Pins and Tales (the newsletter for SAPFM). I am currently finishing up a book with F&M on making period reproduction furniture by hand (it will hit bookshelves everywhere late in 2016).
Q: Have you won any awards for you projects?
A: I have been honored to be included in Early American Life Magazine's extremely prestigious "Directory of Traditional American Craft" for the last two years, and was given the designation of "Museum Quality" in 2015.
Q: Why is it important to you to share your woodworing experiences with others?
A: I take a very in-depth look at the craft by studying the tools, techniques, and limitations of the past. I feel that sharing what I have learned is important because there are always situations where your power tools may limit you unless you invest heavily in industrial machinery. I can flatten any board regardless of length, can resaw any board regardless of width, and can make any molding known to man with just a few hand tools.
Q: What do you want other woodworkers to know about your woodworking expertise?
A: I would want people to know that I attempt to emulate every aspect of period woodworking. This means tooling choices, techniques, and aesthetic considerations. Woodworkers of the past were not making furniture as an interesting and worthwhile hobby; they were making furniture so that they could afford to buy food. In period work you often see what we would today call 'shortcuts' or 'flaws', and I strive to showcase those in my work. My boards usually aren't perfectly flat; they are just flat enough, My moldings aren't perfectly consistent but they look good from across the room, which is what period woodworkers were after. Total perfection in furniture is very much a 20th century idea.




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